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Published: 18th October 2011
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Indian Railways have always been known for being multifaceted, be it related to the kinds of trains it offers or its services. And one of its faces is represented by superfast trains like the Rajdhani and Duronto Express.Express Trains is that form of rail service which is referred to as faster in comparison to the rest of the trains on the line in question and usually makes only a few selected stops, instead of stopping at each and every station. The Indian Railways offer a large number of Express trains including Shatabadi and Rajdhani having maximum speed of 150 kmph. In some cases, express trains run during unavailability of the local train services. Also at times, some of the express trains run local due to practical reasons like overnight hours etc.

Rajdhani meaning "The Capital" in Hindi is a passenger train service connecting our country’s capital New Delhi to other important destinations, especially the state capitals. Introduced in 1969, it provides high speed connection up to 160 kmph depending upon the particular track section. Duronto meaning "quick" in Bengali are a set of specialized trains for non-stop point to point rail services. These trains were built on the lines of "Rajdhani" and other similar superfast trains and serve the metros and major state capitals like Delhi, Mumbai and others.

To match to their superfast nature, Indian railways have developed Rajdhani and Duronto Train Enquiry system with a large number of services. The Rajdhani and Duronto Train Enquiry services can be availed through special links available on the Indian Railways website. Also available at manual Rajdhani and Duronto Train Enquiry services where Railway officials at various centers on stations across the country solve the query. The Rajdhani and Duronto Train Enquiry services can also be availed through toll free telephone numbers 131 and 139.

For Express Train enquiry, the Indian Railways website dedicates a special section listing the express trains. Moreover, Express Train enquiry can be done through Indian railway catering and tourism co-operation website For the convenience of the people, various enquiry centers are set up at the railway stations across the country from where the Express Train enquiries can be done. For Express Train enquiry, there is also a facility of telephonic services: pre-recorded, manual and sms. The pre-recorded toll free enquiry numbers are 131 and 139 and for sms, the number is 57886. The numbers for manual services varies according to the place you are enquiring from.

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