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Published: 05th October 2011
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Traveling without a railway reservation can be a trifle unsettling. There the Indian Railways as any other railways offers passengers the basic facility of enquiry of the number of trains available between two stations as well as other required details. For more details, you can get hold of a railways time table. This eases the process a lot and makes it easier for us to apply for railway reservation. In this manner, the Indian Railways is making it simpler for us to plan our journey.

If you already have made travel plans then apply for a railway reservation immediately but not before 60 days prior to traveling. This is applicable to all the classes. To calculate, one has to take into account the date of actual traveling. To get a railway reservation, a passenger has to first fill up the form consisting of various details regarding his traveling plans, for example, date of traveling, number of people who are traveling, names of destination and source cities, their ages and sex. A single reservation form can be declared valid if it contains the details of no more than 6 persons. If you are eager to get more railway reservation for the remaining of your team, you need to take more forms.

Always remember to take railway reservation forms from railway counters only. You can get it online too. Once the PNR number is allotted to you, please keep it carefully. Quoting this number will help you as well as the guy sitting at the railway reservation counter to make faster enquiries and serve you efficiently. The enquiry counter is usually open from 8 in the morning to about 8 in the night. These reservation counters not only do the railway reservation but also help you with the enquiry part with regards to the placement of berth etc.

Nowadays, online Indian Railways Booking can be easily done. This facility is available at the official website of the Indian Railways. User has to create a profile by filling up the required personal details like name, e-mail id age etc. List of trains along with the railway time table and other details is available for the passengers. Payment for the tickets can be done online with the help of credit card or debit card. The process of Indian Railways booking has become very easy and simple. Instructions for booking the ticket online are mentioned in a proper and systematic manner which can be easily understood by everyone.

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