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Published: 09th October 2009
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Have you finally met that most special of girls, that you want to spend the rest of your life with? Are you thinking of popping the question, but you are unsure of how to go about it? There are many engagement ideas you can play around with that can make the event especially memorable. Plan the event with a romantic and intimate flair in a location that is fitting for the both of you, where you can ask, this girl you love, to spend the rest of her life with you. Make the event a very special one!The moment you propose will be a moment to cherish for the both of you.

Take the time to reflect and select an appropriate location - one that is special to the both of you - for your proposal. Do you remember your first date? Take your special girl back to that location and if you remember, sit at the exact same table. This would be a significantly romantic indication to your special girl because, you have both "remembered" and chosen to "celebrate" an important day in both your lives - your first date. How appropriate a setting for a proposal.

Try and incorporate that engagement scenario into any event that was significant to the both of you, at one particular time. Think about your first kiss or the first time you said "I love you." Those locations should have a significant meaning within your relationship, and, by proposing in a location that is very special to the both of you, it enhances the importance of those special moments.

A romantic dinner for two! If you're both the kind of people that enjoy staying at home, make your proposal there. Make it a very special evening. If you have a flair for cooking prepare a meal you both enjoy. Set the table, incorporating an appropriate tablecloth, get some special candles so you can have a candlelight dinner. If you have already selected and purchased an engagement ring, place the ring on some ribbon and tie it to a wine glass or, present it in its box whilst placing your desserts on the table. So, you aren't such a great cook!
If you still want to have this most intimate of occasions at home, you can go and pick up your favorite take out meal or get the meal catered for. Your significant other will appreciate the effort that you have put in to create the perfect atmosphere. Randomly scatter some rose petals on the table and have as a centerpiece, a vase filled with her favorite flowers.

If there is a particular restaurant that you frequent because you like the food and the atmosphere, you can incorporate that into your proposal. Arrange with the waiter to purchase a bottle of champagne, and, have him present the boxed engagement ring on a tray upon which are 2 glasses of champagne elegantly presented, and propose to her at the table. When it is time for a top up, have the waiter bring the remaining champagne and have it placed into a wine cooling bucket and "you" (personally) can then pour your beloved, another glass of champagne in celebration of your proposal. Keep it romantic , intimate and memorable!

When it comes to engagement ideas, sometimes it's best to just keep it simple, simple and elegant. If your plan involves too many details, something planned may not work out as originally planned and it will spoil the occasion altogether. This is a very important step that you want to cherish and hold on to. Just bear in mind - it doesn't have to be perfect to be special.

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